Dimensional Model

Guide to Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence

The following diagram is an example of a dimensional model that can be used to track web access.

The model is designed to consolidated data from a web server log, an authenticated or un-authenticated Internet Application and a database containing customer information.

By consolidating data in a Data Warehouse, business intelligence about "customers" and un-authenticated visitors can be gleaned.

Dimensional Model
Dimensional Model

The dimensions depicted in white represent data that is available from most web server logs.

Normally, the "device" is a personal computer connected to the Internet, however it can also be an automated agent (e.g. robot).

The "country" is the location where the "device" is physically located.  This is not always the location where the visitor is physically located.

The "organization" is normally the ISP that the visitor uses to connect to the Internet.

The "originating URL" is the web page that the visitor is hyper-linking from and the "destination URL" is the web page that the visitor requests.

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